Nudie magazine day! Nudie magazine day!

Who is in my bed and why?!?

Answer: I still don't know...

Talkbacks! Drunk Dial! Georgia!

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K & P spill the tea!

What's happenin' in entertainment, ladies???

Payton's nervous.

She's gettin' her hair did!

Who got YOUR spicy photo???

I send one to Johnjay every day...but it's not an accident.

Monica and Cory's WAR of the ROSES

Did Cory's Apple Watch reveal that he's cheating???

Red Skull and Rich.

Only Johnjay can find new ways to embarrass himself daily.


+ celebrity crushes!

Allison's wedding dilemma.

She's supposed to be her friend's Maid of Honor, but there's something else going on.