Fre Sha Vaca Do, Anyone?

It's Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown

Is New Andrew McMahon NSFW?


We built this Smitty on rock and roll! Smitty has been in radio since she was 16. She’s a Colorado native and graduated from Radio Disney to iHeartRadio in 2012. She loves music just as much as her listeners do and can be found at concerts – either enjoying the Denver music scene or headlining venues like the Gothic with her band. When she’s not on air or at a concert, she can be found at a local brewery sampling one of Colorado's finest brews or at any of Colorado’s outdoor events. She Emceed PetAid Colorado’s first ever Woof Fest in summer 2014 and has been a part of other big events including teaming up with Breckenridge Brewery for the Brews Wayne release party, and being a part of the Nerd Prom and Comic Con traditions. And she loves costumes, she really loves costumes…some might even say too much...


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