A list of 10 Colorado stereotypes have been put together. Is this accurate?

For details on the list read the entire article here.


1. Coloradoans Are Practically Born With Skis On

2. They Also Come Out Of The Womb Wearing Fit Bits

3. Every Coloradoan Knows The Real Smoky Mountains Aren’t In Tennessee

4. Everyone In Colorado Puts Their Team On A Mile High Pedestal

5. Folks In Colorado Recognize The Two Most Important Food Groups: Barley And Hops

6. Coloradoan Closets All Looks Like Sporting Goods Stores

7. Everyone In Colorado Has A Canine Companion

8. Coloradoans Would Eat A Tire If It Were Smothered In Green Chilies

9. Everyone In Colorado Has A Little Bit Of Hippie In Them

10. Coloradoans Are All High… On Life