Has Your 'Friendship' Crossed Over Into More?

Are you guys really 'just friends' or have you crossed the line?

If you're even asking yourself these questions, chances are that you've waded into emotional affair territory. It may seem harmless - to be engaged in an emotional affair since there is no physical contact but these types of relationships can prove very damaging to your partner.

Emotional affairs usually start off as friendships which can make it challenging to figure out when you've crossed a line. If you feel like you're leaning on your friend more than your partner, you might have to take a step back and evaluate your feelings, intentions, and whether your partner would be hurt knowing that you're going to someone else for emotional support.

If you're still not sure about your friendship and if it's possibly an emotional affair - here are some signs:


You're probably drifting away from friendship if you think about your friend all the time. If they're the first person you think of when you wake up, you're probably starting to brew some romantic feelings.


If you're comparing your friend to your partner, you may inadvertently be sizing them up as a potential significant other. Comparison may create conflict with your partner especially if its with someone you're developing feelings for.


The more you share with someone, the closer you get. If you find yourself telling your friend intimate details about yourself, your past, and your relationship - you may be setting yourself up for an affair.

Now, these are only some of the signs, there are a bunch more but the bottom line is - if you found out your partner was having a similar relationship with a friend - would you be upset? If the answer is yes, find a way to cut it off.

Meanwhile, check out some advice Simon had for Listener Salina who emailed us looking for a reason her boyfriend would be upset with her over a friendship she's developed with a male coworker.

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