So...Did Anyone Catch IHOP's Announcement?

So if you have read any of my posts, you know I'm always up for the internet drama. Last week in the twitterverse, IHOP told us they had a HUGE announcement. Now, after the whole 'IHOB' incident last year, that I'm sure we'd like to never speak of again, a lot of speculation came about of what the announcement could possibly be. A lot were a little out there (examples included below), but my favorite being 'maybe they'll start featuring more waffles, calling it IHOW...get it.

Anyway, I waited and waited and it seems that the internet was pretty underwhelmed by the big announcement...calling their burgers pancakes. Now, I will admit the delivery of the announcement was hilarious (see below). IHOP took a tweet from the IHOB scandal last year and clapped back with a little video essentially saying 'we heard you internet, stick to what we know'. I'm thinking someone on the marketing team though is very adamant of burgers being a hot ticket item for the, well, pancake chain. So the conclusion was...why not both? Check out the video and some of my favorite tweets this week below.

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