Denver Festival Grandoozy on 'Hiatus' for 2019...

So even though I am writing this in the second week of January, festival season seems to be upon us! I have been seeing Easter related products in stores, as well as bathing suits advertised on my feed, so it's fitting that we are starting to dream of summer as early as ever this year. As I'm sure we've all heard by now, Coachella's lineup was announced as well as ticket sales in full effect, but the more realistic music festival I was actually looking forward to attending this year was Grandoozy. The Denver based music festival made its premiere last September in Overland Park, bragging artists like Florence + The Machine, Logic, and The Chainsmokers just to name a few. Tickets ran for around $250 GA and seemed to have a pretty decent turnout according to social media. 

Well, just a few days back Grandoozy announced they would be taking a hiatus this year to create an even better festival atmosphere in the years to come. Similarly, Superfly (the parent company) premiered the Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix in 2018, announcing they will be cancelled, with no promise of return.

Now the city of Denver seemed to be pleased with the turnout and execution of Grandoozy, but when I took to Twitter I saw a few complaints, see below. 

What are your thoughts? Were you planning on buying tickets this year? 


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