Gaga Rumored to be Starting a Beauty Line...

As some of you may already know, my obsession with the mother monster, more formally known as Lady Gaga or Stephanie Germanotta, grows by the day. The singer/songwriter/actress/etc has gone on in the past few years to shock us with the new projects she has unveiled, on top of producing consistent music masterpieces. Most recently, she has starred in the well received and Grammy nominated film A Star is Born, as well as begin her residency shows in Las Vegas, Enigma. 

Well, the new and elusive project has not gone unnoticed and rumors are already beginning to buzz about what they will bring. On the very last day of 2018 the website went live, and we are presuming that Gaga will be using it to produce a beauty line of some sort. The website is obviously just a place holder, showing nothing but a black screen and an opportunity to sign up for their newsletter I'm presuming, which I would say there is no harm in doing so you know exactly when things are going down. Now, the trademark it was filed under is considered cosmetics, beauty, and skincare, so it might not be the next full cosmetic line other celebs have gone towards. But, I think a collection of any kind would be very well received by her audience, because come on, Gaga has had some pretty iconic looks over the years. While all of them aren't exactly wearable for the everyday consumer, I think they would be a great incorporation of confidence and 'Born This Way' glamour into anyone's makeup routine. 

See pics of some iconic beauty looks below and please lets all fan girl together.   

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