'Uber For Kids' is Coming to Denver

So I don't have children, so I guess it never really crossed my mind what you do in situations where you need an Uber or Lyft, and you have children that need car seats. Well, 3 moms from Cali did and they think they have the solution. 'HopSkipJump' is a new Uber like service, designed to safely transport your children from destination to destination. The service is designed for families with 3 or more children, who go to different schools, have various after school activities, etc. 

A lot of parents who are just now hearing of this service are, to put it lightly, in a bit of an uproar. The safety procedures for this company seem like they are thorough, but some parents are skeptical. HopSkipJump only works with employees who have been interviewed in person, have a childcare background, and have full finger prints. In addition, drivers are required to check in with the parent throughout the ride.

Now, while this company is in no way affiliated with Uber, it is no secret Uber has had their fair share of scandals with not having a proper screening process for their drivers. HopSkipJump aims to squash those fears, while providing you with a safe transportation service for your children. And, if you are interested in giving it a try, they are now coming to Denver! While I personally don't see a lot of parents trusting someone else driving their kids around, this company is already successful enough to be expanding across the West Coast. Would you try it? 


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