Monopoly For Millennials...Is Now a Thing

Soooo...this came across my timeline today. We all remember as kids having family game nights, to promote bonding and mom's famous casserole. Amongst the various board games that have been created, I feel like Monopoly was definitely a fan favorite. The only caveat being it took an eternity to play. Since the game was created by The Parker Brothers in 1935, there have been a few 'special editions' leading up until present day. Get ready for all of that to be ruined. 

Introducing...Monopoly for Millennials! The game where no one wins, and the person with the highest amount of real life debt, always gets to roll first. This version, instead of being framed around the goal of collecting property, is exactly the opposite. There is no rent due because obviously as a millennial, you can't afford it. Instead, you collect 'experiences' with your friends, including music festivals, vegan restaurants, and couch surfing. 

The internet is not happy with this new edition (and honestly I agree), and all you really have to do is open up Twitter to see that. But don't worry, if you were planning on buying this as a holiday gift (ironically or unironically) you can't. It is sold out until further notice. #Bummer. #AdultingisHard. 

image: Hasbro/Walmart



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