Family called 911 on whales

So, we all heard last week of the boy who called 911 to help with his homework and the operator actually helping him. But now, I think things are getting a bit out of hand as what we deem as an 'emergency'. 

A family was on a relatively normal outing one day sailing, when suddenly a group of whales was approaching their boat. Now I don't know about you, but I love whales and all sea creatures, and I like to think I'd be thrilled if I saw a whale so up close. I would imagine it would be a once in a lifetime experience, but this family thought otherwise. They started questioning whether or not the whales were going to attempt to flip their boat over, or worse. From what's shown in the video (see below), the original plan was to stay calm and let the whales investigate the situation and pass. However it quickly turned into a call to 911 claiming they had 3 whales coming towards the boat and underneath. 

I'm unsure if the authorities were actually able to do anything with the information, but the internet sure had a good time with the story. What would you do in the situation? Panick, or take in the beauty of nature?

video via Twitter and PizzaBottle 



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