Woman to Denver Drivers: Stop Parking Like a Jerk

This woman who lives in Capitol Hill in Denver is fed up with people parking like jerks. She posted on the NextDoor app some rules for people in Colorado follow:

"It seems like it would be common sense, but evidently a lot of people around here haven't gotten the memo. When you're parking, please think of other people. If you're at the end of the block, pull up to the sign to ensure maximum spaces behind you. If you find a spot that can fit two cars, don't position yourself in the middle of the two spots so that no one else can fit. If you're parking behind someone who's halfway past the sign don't pull right up behind them (unless you don't have the room to correct it)."

She also says that she will call out people for bad parking. I think that right there is being a jerk. Like, really is it that serious that you have to tell someone something? What if they are in a hurry or having a bad day. She's going to confront the wrong person one day. That's just my opinion! I COMPLETELY agree that you should be thoughtful when parking but I wouldn't call anyone out. Let's all try harder! 

The video has more on this story. Watch below



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