Deanna & Angela’s Valentine’s Day Fail!

We failed! 

A couple of weeks ago Angela and I swapped phones and let one another swipe on Tinder to find a date for Valentine’s Day. Angela picked out some guys for me and I picked some for her as well. We weren’t exactly thrilled with each other’s picks but we were good sports about it and reached out to some of the picks. 

Fast forward to this past Tuesday and we realized that, “Oh, Crap! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!!” We had not asked any of the guys out for Valentine’s yet and we had 24 hours to find a date for our double date. 

I made a general message and copied and pasted it to the guys Angela had picked for me. 

None of the guys were able to make our proposed date. One guy told me he already had a Valentine’s Day date, ‘yeah, whatever, Byron!’ 😒 lol

One guy told me he worked until 5 and another said he would be out of town. 

Angela and I were without dates yesterday so I suggested we go to an erotic cookie decorating party at a bar downtown. We showed up and we thought we had the wrong place because no one was there! Then when the cookies came out after dinner they were heart shaped! What? I was expecting cookies in shapes of body parts. We decorated our hearts and called it a night. 

We made the best of our Valentine’s Day and it wasn’t bad in any way. It was fun even though it wasn’t what we expected. It’s a reminder that your friends are important and can help make your day better. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be about a significant other, it can be about being grateful for friends and family. 



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