Some of My Favorite Bachelor Moments


First, this is my first recap video so cut me some slack. My videos will get better I promise!

Here are some of my favorite moments from the Bachelor. 

Can I just say I love Bekah M, I think she's mature, smart beyond her years and stunning like an old Hollywood starlet. Plus, she does the best Krystal impresssion!

Now I know a lot of people can't stand Krystal but I gotta give it to her for being entertaining. The girls split up into two teams at the bowling alley and the winning team was going to get to go to an afterparty with Arie. Krystal was so happy that she was on the winning team that it was almost obnoxious. When Arie decided that all the girls could go to the cocktail party and not just the winners Krystal lost it. The girls said she had a meltdown on the bus we didn't see it. Why?? They should've had cameras rolling. Krystal refused to go to the cocktail party and the girls couldn't wait to tell Arie the juice telling him that Krystal called him a liar. Arie did talk to Krystal about it and told her it would be best for her to not attend the party and he would see her in a couple of days. Krystal didn't listen and went to the cocktail party but didn't see her Arie since she wasn't well received by the girls and went back to her room.

Krystal spent the next couple of days in her hotel room. I love that Krystal said she wasn't hiding she was investing in herself! I'm so going to use that line!



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