Chris Rock Throws Out Man for Checking on Sick Dad

Chris Rock was performing in Glasgow, Scotland and like most comedians these days Chris has a strict no cell phone policy. Audience members are told to not bring phones and if they do they must lock them in neoprene cases. Once the phone is inside the case you must have a staff member unlock it at an unlocking station away from the seating area of the venue. 

Chris Penman took his phone into the seating area and before Chris Rock took the stage he admits to discreetly putting his phone on his lap so he could send a text message to his brother to check on his sick Father. Penman said his Dad is in the heart transplant ward at a hospital.

Penman said he had his phone out for about 15 seconds before he was approached by a guard and escorted out. 

Penman says he did explain the situation to a venue staff member saying he needed to send a text so the employee let him take his phone in. Unfortunately Chris Rock's people had him kicked out for not following procedure.

Here's my take, he unknowingly broke policy and got caught by Chris Rock's guards who have final say. He shouldn't have trusted the staff member at the venue since what Chris Rock wants goes. Maybe if Chris Rock himself saw it and knew the story he would let it go but Chris;s people are going to stick to policy. Plus, if this man couldn't go more than a couple of hours without checking on his Father maybe he should have been at his Father's side.

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