Dane Cook is Dating a Teenager


Dane Cook is a 45 year old grown man and is dating a girl who probably just recently graduated high school. Dane's girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor just turned 19 years old. 

This gives me the chills, and not in a good way. What does a 45 year old man have in common with a teenage girl? What do they talk about? I could see if she was in her 30's and he was 26 years older but not at this stage in her life. She doesn't even know who she is yet and hasn't gone through life experiences. 

Is Kelsi gorgeous? Of course! Is she talented? Probably! I'm just saying she has to grow up and experience life before she gets involved with this man. She's trying to develop a career, she needs to focus on that and not Dane's 45 year old ass. 

Dane Cook, please tell us this is an elaborate joke!


Let's remember when Dane Cook did his famous bit on cheating. Watch above. Caution language is NSFW



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