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North Carolina Couple Feeds A College Kid, Then Ends Up Feeding Hundreds

Cropped view of table laid with crockery and fresh homemade vegetarian food

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Here's today's feel-good story:

After Rachel Sullivan left home 10 years ago to go to school in North Carolina, a nearby family friend invited her to their home whenever she needed a place to eat.

She spent many holidays and weekends with her "adopted parents" away from home.

Today, Rachel is back in North Carolina with her husband, Tom.

One day, Tom ran into Kevin Gallagher, the son of the couple that helped to feed Rachel while she was in college. Tom invited Kevin over to eat, which soon turned into many other college students taking Tom up on his offer to cook for them!

“They all end up staying inside and talking, and I think it's officially hit the point where like, these kids, we can see how happy they are. And we're definitely getting as much joy out of it,” Tom Sullivan said. “You can see how genuine it is.”

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