Sanctuary Created to Aid Captured Elephants!

Yay!! Elephant and animal lovers everywhere will have their hearts set at ease to learn that the World Animal Protection and Elephant Haven, two animal rights groups, plan to open France's first-ever elephant sanctuary!

Thousands and thousands of wild animals are captured and forced into the entertainment industry to make a profit. Riding these animals may seem harmless to onlookers, but it is important to realize and understand that these animals were not meant to be ridden and that in order to train an elephant to allow a human to ride on top of them, they are cruelly trained as babies. Click here if you want to learn more.

Elephant Haven has big plans for the soon to be liberated elephants. They vow to provide a safe and natural habitat for these animals, never using chains or restraints. They will always be protected, visitors will not be allowed to contact them, and veterinary services will be provided whenever needed. These beautiful creatures will live the free life they were born to have outside of the circus life!

OMG, this makes me so happy. #FreetheElephants #HappyHeart


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