Demi Lovato Stable and Recovering

Yesterday, Demi Lovato was rushed to an LA hospital after suffering an apparent overdose. Today, she is awake, stable, and with her family. In regard to why she was rushed to the hospital, it is said that some of the information being reported is incorrect, and Demi's family is asking, respectfully, for privacy and not speculation as her health is the most important thing to focus on at the moment. 

Demi has had a history of drug abuse and has always been transparent with her substance abuse and recovery over the past few years through her music, interviews, and even a documentary of her life called Simply Complicated

This past March, she celebrated being sober for six years only to create a song a few months later called, Sober, in which she apologizes to her parents for not being sober anymore. Addiction is an incredibly difficult and scary disease. Demi seems to be battling headstrong with it, and my prayers and thoughts are with her at this difficult time! 



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