John Mayer Amuses Fans with Overly Unimpressive Music Video

John Mayer has recently come to the aid of his fans by releasing his new song, New Light, and with it, its hilarious music video. A funky and upbeat tune, New Light speaks of unrequited, "friend-zoned", love which would surely be returned if Mayer's crush simply gave him one night to view him in a new light. If only it were so simple.

Over 11 million fans have enjoyed Mayer's amusing low budget video, which involves heavy use of a green screen. Due to budget pricing disagreements, Mayer says he decided to seek the help of a local company that generally creates birthday or Bar Mitzvah videos. As if we all didn't love John Mayer enough, he goes and pulls a stunt like this. 

The hilariously cheesy video is featured below. Shout out to JM for gracing us with his lovely voice and for making us laugh!



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