A Breakdown Explanation of How a Pic of the Blackhole was Taken (Needed)

Today is a monumental day!!

The impossible has been achieved: a picture of a blackhole has been taken. But this was no easy feat. Scientists used to think that to procure such an image would require a telescope the size of Earth itself until a group of scientists and astronomers recently came up with a clever alternative: The Event Horizon Telescope. They began the EHT project in 2017, and, finally, today their incredible hard work has paid off.

I attempted to read a Q&A online that discussed the team's breakthrough results but found that, although incredibly interesting, some of the language was cruising right over my head (what is an accretion disk). So, I was able to find this awesome Ted Talk video of one of the team's astronomers giving an explanation of how they were able to pull this off. It is super interesting, enjoy!

PS- Can I just say the presenter (Katie Bouman) is SO PRECIOUS! She did a great job. You go girl!




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