Bomb Cyclone II - Wed, April 10!

Several blizzard warnings were issued today in anticipation of a snowstorm (Bomb Cyclone II?) expected to hit Southern Colorado and Denver areas tomorrow, April 10, 2019, around noon. The Denver Channel stated that, "the I-25 corridor is expected to receive between 4 and 8 inches of snow in the storm, while the foothills and mountains could see more than a foot".

Driving on highways during this blizzard is anticipated to be VERY dangerous - so plan ahead accordingly, my friends!! Nobody wants a re-run of our first bomb cyclone, right? You best believe that I for one would be a very, very unhappy camper if i were stuck in my car on a highway for 5 hours or more. Anxiety: skyrockets. Panic: slowly rising. So you can cash me tomorrow inside of my house, fire blazing, wine glass filled, slippers on and binge-worthy shows turned up.

Make sure you stay safe out there! Stock up on food, supplies, and cozy things so you can remember this blizzard as a nice, warm night at home with family or friends (or both)!

Click here to read up on safety measures for what to do when you're caught in a winter storm.






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