Game of Thrones Beer Map has Arrived in Colorado Springs...

It's finally time! A few weeks ago, I hinted at a beer related release for the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones (full trailer here if you haven't seen it yet). Last night, seven local breweries launched: The Game of Beers. Each brewery was assigned a house, and was asked to create a beer to fit the house. All will be tapped on April 1st, next Monday, at each respective location. You can buy a beer map of Westeros at any participating location and that will get you buy one get one free beers at each location for $10. If you frequent these local breweries, I'd say that is one really good deal seeing as the average of two beers is around $10. And, if you complete all seven houses and turn in your map, you will be entered into a raffle exclusive to map holders. Find the full event details here.

Here are all the breweries:

House Stark: Elizabeth Brewing Co

House Arryn: Peaks N Pines Brewing Co

House Hoare: FH Beerworks Downtown (only)

House Lannister: Cerberus Brewing Co

House Gardener: Fossil Craft Beer Co

House Durrandon: Brass Brewing Co

House Martell: Florence Brewing Co

Which brewery will you visit first? I know a lot of us are planning a GoT premiere party, and hopefully this will get you in GoT mode AND you can have the perfectly themed crowler of beer to drink the night we all watch.

image via FH Beerworks Downtown

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