Starbucks Giving HALF OFF Espresso Today!

Ok excuse me if this blog post is all over the place but CAFFEINEEEEE! Starbucks, today only, is offering half off espresso drinks (at participating locations) including most drinks BUT hot and cold brewed coffee, frapps, and Starbucks Reserve drinks. The only caveats to this promo is you need to download the free Starbucks app, which I recommend anyways because starting in April Bux will be giving you more points for purchasing items with your Starbucks Card...which equals more free stuff. Another point to note, it doesn't start until after save your difficult projects for this afternoon so you can have a caffeine buzz while doing it. Find more info on the change to the Starbucks app and point system update here. This promotion is including around 50 drink options, so to my caffeine fiends- lets unite and make this the most productive Thursday ever.

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