First Day of Spring Freebies and Last Super Moon Happening Today!

So I know we are all aware that it snowed out of NOWHERE yesterday here in Southern Colorado (are we really surprised?) but today is the first official day of spring! I am definitely one to start protesting winter a little early, refusing to wear a jacket and busting out the sandals and today is no exception. Soco can do whatever it wants, I am celebrating! And what better way to celebrate than with some freebies. Without further delay, here we go:

The obvious, Rita's Italian Ice -- one small free italian ice, and as a bonus if you come up with the best excuse to play hooky from work they might send you to Miami

Dairy Queen -- free small vanilla cone, and also asking for donations to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Chick-Fil-A -- not free, but they are lauching the key lime pie milkshake today and well, that feels like spring to me

(Bonus) Pet Smart -- if you can wait a few weeks, select PetSmart locations will be giving free pet photos! (April 13-14)

And if all the sweet treats aren't enough, this year the last supermoon will be making an appearance also being called the 'Worm Moon'. At 7:43pm you can see the moon as it reaches its closest point to Earth, which won't be happening again until next February. The worm moon is adorably named as such according to the Farmers Almanac, that as the Earth thaws and the temperature thaws, earthworm casts appear. I'm sorry, that is about the most wholesome thing I'll hear all week. If there are any local deals that I missed, leave them in the comments!

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