Apparently These Are The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In America

CareerCast just released their annual list of the most (and least) stressful jobs in America. Here they are...

The ten MOST stressful jobs are:

  1. soldier
  2. firefighter
  3. airline pilot
  4. police officer
  5. broadcaster
  6. event coordinator
  7. news reporter
  8. public relations executive
  9. senior corporate executive
  10. and taxi driver

Here are the ten LEAST stressful jobs:

  1. Diagnostic medical sonographer
  2. compliance officer
  3. hair stylist
  4. audiologist
  5. university professor
  6. medical record technician
  7. jeweler
  8. operations research analysist
  9. pharmacy technician
  10. massage therapist

Do you agree with the lists?


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