More Drama follows the 'Fiji Water Girl' from the Golden Globes...

So, do we all remember the 'Fiji Water Girl'? She was the one who photobombed almost all of the pics on the red carpet at this past Golden Globe. The day after the event, social media exploded talking about her, arguably more than the Golden Globes themselves, even resulting in a trending topic on Twitter for the majority of the day. Personally I feel like the story fell off main stream drama fairly quickly, but it seems to have resurfaced. She is claiming that Fiji Water is using cardboard cutouts of her for a campaign that she never signed for, and even more suspiciously, the campaign started the day after the Golden Globes. In addition she is claiming that Fiji forced her into signing documentation to sign her rights away, and 'bribed' her with gifts. She has since destroyed any documentation while Fiji still continues to use her images for profit.

While I admit when the Fiji Water Girl came out I honestly thought it was a genius marketing idea, obviously without knowing the back story to all of it. Fiji Water sent a statement to Elle Magazine , calling the lawsuit against them in this case "frivolous and entirely without merit". Fiji is confident this case won't stand a chance in court, but she is reportedly still following through with the process.


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