Mulled Wine Recipe. YUM!

I'm not a great cook, so usually this is what I bring to every holiday party - MULLED WINE! It's super easy to make - especially in a Crock Pot. Making it in a slow cooker also helps to prevent it from boiling, which burns off all the alcohol, and who wants that??

This video is pretty spot on, although I don't use cranberries - but maybe I'll try it this year! Not everyone uses brandy in their recipe, but I do. You can also use rum. Last year I found a Christmastime rum/brandy combo at the liquor store - I can't remember what it was called, but it worked great! I also use star anise in my recipe, which this video doesn't include. 

There are a ton of variations on how to make this cocktail and I'm sure they're all delicious. There's nothing better than sipping on a hot cup of spiced wine on a chilly evening! (In my opinion, anyway).



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