Noah Cyrus Is Selling Her Tears For $12,000

This is my daily reminder that I'm old and that I have no idea what's cool anymore. Because I NEVER would have guessed bottling up your tears and selling them is cool, let alone even a thing people are doing. An when I say people, I mainly just mean Miley Cyrus' younger sisterm Noah Cyrus.

Noah currently has an apparel collaboration with Pizza Slime, where you can purchase a vile of her own teardrops (approximately 12 of them) for TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. But hurry! They're only available for 48 hours! I don't even know where to begin with how ridiculous this is. So I won't even bother.

But if you can't afford them, don't worry. She also has apparel on the website that won't set you back the price of a car. You can get hoodies that say "Sry, I'm Trash", "Noah Cryus Sucks", sweatpants that spell "Sadness" down the leg and a few other things that you can purchase, here. You can probably tell she's going for a theme here. 

Noah's Good Cry EP comes out tomorrow.


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