Justin Bieber is heading to Canada...to live!

Well, Justin has decided to make the move to his homeland! For those that did not know, our young Justin is originally from Canada, moving to the United States to expand his music career and he has been sticking around for quite a while now. 

Newly engaged this past summer, to the one and only Hailey Baldwin, Justin is beginning to think of where he would like to settle down. A close source told US Weekly this: 

“He wants to make his full-time home in Canada,” a source told Us Weekly. “He needs to get out of the L.A., NYC scene." Part of this is because Bieber is tired of the paparazzi following him literally everywhere. It’s "overwhelming," the source said, who added at this point, Bieber just wants a normal life. “He feels most at peace at home."

Him and Hailey are still definitely planning the wedding, though the date is still unconfirmed. What are your thoughts on the move? 


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