Katy Perry Trolls Ariana Grande On Instagram (Kind of)

If you pay any attention to Ariana Grande and what she wears, you've probably noticed before that she LOVES to wear over sized jackets, with at least one of the sleeves falling off of her shoulder. It's just her thing, okay.

If you don't believe me, here's just a few examples:

Still don't believe that this is her favorite way to wear clothes? Here's one more for good measure:

Okay, you get it now. She posted yet another off the shoulder pic on her Instagram just the other day, and Katy Perry seemed concerned that her friend didn't know how to wear a jacket:


Obviously this is all in good fun. I love the friendly sass between the two, but I'm glad Katy called her out because I was getting worried she didn't know how to wear a jacket properly, either.


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