It's International Cat Day!

To all my cat lovers! Today, August 8th, is International Cat Day (aka the best day ever). Today we celebrate everything feline. Whether you own one, love em, or hate em, you have to admit cats are pretty adorable. Also, there are a ton of cat facts on the internet and there is no way that I will be able to share them all, so here are some of my favorites: 

1. Cats butting their little fuzzy faces on you has a name, and its called 'bunting'.

2. Your cats gender can reveal if they are left or right handed (females tend to be right, males tend to be left) 

3. The most expensive cat on record was Bengal named Cato, with a crazy adoption fee of $41,435!

4. Cats make over 100 different sounds versus dogs who only make around 10.

5. Adult cats can sleep so much, that it has been proven that a cat 9 years of age will only be awake for about 3 years of their life. Same. 

There you have it! Let me know how you are celebrating the day of our favorite feline friends! 


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