Tiny House Festival - Colorado Springs

So, personally, I have been seeing more and more buzz about these 'tiny houses' popping up everywhere and what they are all about. For those that do not know, tiny houses are, well, tiny houses.   There are a lot of reasons one would choose to go for a tiny house, such as reducing your carbon footprint, saving a significant amount of money, and the general idea of 'minimalism' in your everyday lifestyle. 

This weekend, August 4-5, Colorado Springs is hosting a Tiny House Festival at the Air Force Academy Falcom Stadium. Hopeful that this will become a yearly event, the organizer Marcus Alvarado says tiny houses are "redefining the American dream". The festival will be made up of mostly panels and hopes to provide a lot of information to those who are interested or even just curious about taking the plunge with a tiny home. In addition, there will be live music, food trucks, and other various local organizations in attendance. Check out some of these pics of tiny homes I found! I'm not gonna lie, they are kind of adorable. 


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