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Hot Since 82 - real name Daley Padley - just released his Little Black Book, a project he describes as, "a mixed compilation album, but everything on there is from the artist such as myself."

Aside from his original productions, Little Black Book also includes some of his favorite remixes as well. Daley tells us that he's particularly proud of his track "The End." He says, "It’s just so emotional. Most [of the] original records and the remixes have a lot of energy, and their quite melodic as well, and sometimes quite driving. So 'The End' was kind of like the step back away from that. Just drums, part strings, and it kind of puts everything into perspective for me as a producer."

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Daley stopped by the iHeartRadio Studios when he was in New York recently, where he talked to us about everything but the music, and told us all about what's in his little black book. Get to know the producer/DJ in OffBEAT with Hot Since 82 below.

What's in your Little Black Book?

In my Little Black Book, are magical weird and wonderful little stories of my troubles around the globe.

What is hiding in the shadows?

Oh, could be lots of things. Monsters, aliens, I don’t know – who knows? I think that’s the all mystery about a shadow. Anything could be in the shadow, so it’s about being creative I think.

Why do you walk around like you're bigger than Prince?

I actually am. I don’t know actually how, I reckon I’m about 5 inches taller than him, so I am actually bigger than Prince. He’s like 5’2, I’m like 5’7. I’m not sure if I could pull those [lycra pants] off though. Spandex.

When do you get error 909?

I get "Error 909" when the computer crashes after I’ve been working on it for numerous hours and I didn’t save. And "909" is actually a famous Roland drum machine. So 909 is a drum machine, and the error is the bloody computer crashing down.

What makes you insane?

Insane, I am actually mentally insane, so that song’s about me being slightly edgy and weird (laughs).

What makes you edgy and weird?

Just me. I’m just not right. I’m quite edgy! Yeah (laughs).

What hurts you?

I mean I’m quite blasé about many things in life, you know I’m just like whatever with many things, many things don’t really bother me, and I just get on with it all. But the only thing that does actually hurt me is family. That’s the only thing that quite touches me and hurts me at the same time. That’s the only thing, so that’s quite serious actually. I mean, just like if a family member’s having troubles or some strife’s in life, it really troubles me. I mean anything else, I’m just like whatever, I don’t really get angry. But the only thing that does actually touch me or hurt me is, family.

What's the worst part about planes and trains?

Exhaustion. The worst thing about planes and trains, actually -if I’ve been drinking or partying at the show and the next day I have an early flight or an early train - is getting on there, and just feeling horrible, and thinking everyone’s looking at ya, and I’m like aahhh I feel like a zombie! So that’s the worst thing about planes and trains. What we call it in England is "hanging out your ass." Do you say that here? Hanging out of your ass, that’s what we call it.

What makes you high?

Just getting up in the morning, having a purpose, and doing a job that I genuinely love from the bottom of my heart. You know, not many people can get up in the morning and say they’re excited to go in the office, go in the studio, go into a club and just perform. That is part of me, and yeah. Exactly that.

What are the things you do?

I make music. I play other people’s records and myself to a large number of people. But that is what I do, I make dance records and perform live in a club. That is what I do.

What is at the end?

The End of it all is probably a pension or something like that (laughs). No, the end of it all, I don’t know. "The End" was made – I made "The End" just for me. I didn’t make it for the fans, or a specific record label, or for the album. I just made "The End" for me you know. The track doesn’t even have a bassline, it’s just strictly drums, and some nice parts, and strings, and it’s very simple. I think some of the best records that I personally love are as simple as "The End." So, that’s it really. "The End" is just a dance record showing that you don’t have to complicate things and keep it simple.

What's in Leeds?

Wonderful, friendly people. Good clubs, good shopping. I mean for me it’s the Mecca of the north for dance music in the U.K.

Check out Little Black Book below:

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio